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Social Media Marketing Management

Go Where Your Customers Are

With traditional forms of marketing declining in value, especially those accessible to small business, more brands are turning to Social Media Marketing to connect with potential customers. The more personal and interactive nature of this marketing method is what many modern consumers have come to expect as opposed to being “sold” to. Emphasis on building a community around your brand and products is the key to success in today’s crowded marketplace.

Campaign Design

Familiarize With Your Brand

Getting familiar with your brand’s culture, industry and customer base is the first order of business when developing a social marketing campaign. We work with you, as well as conduct our own independent research, to paint a full picture of your business’s marketplace, supplying us with the vital information necessary to make informed decisions and strategic recommendations.

Identify Goals & Target Audience

Once familiar with your business we move to identify the desired goals and outcomes of your marketing campaign. These goals can range from building brand awareness to driving website traffic. Additionally, we identify the audience you intend to target so we may tailor the campaign to resonate with the demographic.

Custom Campaign Strategy

Once we have compiled the initial research and information we set out to build a custom tailored campaign that fits your business's needs. This will entail deciding which platforms we will target, the central theme of the campaign, and what kind of media will be most effective to communicate this theme.

Community Engagement

Content Creation & Distribution

Our services involve generating a degree of content, as well as advising you on best practices and strategy in creating content for distribution. We not only curate relevant content, but create unique, personalized pieces of content, which we then disseminate via our content scheduling system.

Interactive Marketing

In addition to creating and distributing consumable content via your social accounts, we also design promotional contests and other promotions to boost your social media profiles. This method is an effective strategy to continuously drive website and newsletter subscription traffic. We manage the promotional tracking and awarding process as well.

Reputation Management

We manage your social media interactions to make your followers' engagement a personal conversation. We guarantee either 24 or 48 hour response time to comments, as well as providing customer service to disgruntled customers to mitigate poor only reviews.

Monitor & Optimize

Detailed Analytics

We integrate a variety of analytical tools to track the success of your social marketing campaign. These track user response to specific posts, if they take desired actions, as well as what they do on your website after visiting through your post or profile. These insights are valuable in reporting and improving your campaign.

Transparent Reporting

We provide transparent, live reporting of your social media campaign results for you to view at any time. We also compile and present monthly and reports to submit to our clients. We believe this is necessary for a trusting client relationship.

Recursive Improvements

The most beneficial aspect of the depth and insight of our analytics is the opportunity to optimize the campaign day by day. Live analytics ensure quick turnaround to customer feedback and response creating an agile campaign that is constantly improving to bring your desired results.