7 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business

Social media has become all the rage by businesses trying to ramp up their marketing effort. You probably have already set up a business page, or at the very least seen a competitor do the same. But beyond being an extension of your independent website or serving as your main online presence, what value does social media marketing bring to you and your customers? Read the below list to gain some insights into the many different ways that marketing with social media can grow your business.

1. Increased Brand Recognition

Social media works as a great way to distribute your brand’s content in a manner that engages and interests your target market. This serves a dual benefit, both making yourself more accessible to new customers while better familiarizing your existing customers with your brand as recognition grows.

2. Targeted Ad Campaigns

Ads on social media are a great way to distribute content and promote your business without breaking the bank. The ad cost is inexpensive to begin with, as low as $5 a day, but the added ability of being able to target your audience by age, profession, interests, etc ensures that every dollar is spent efficiently. Being able to track the performance of your social ads in real time is the icing on the cake.

3. Increase Website Traffic and SEO Ranking

Increasing your website's traffic is one of the biggest benefits social media can offer your business. The most apparent effect is how it directs people from social media to your website while the lesser known benefit is how consumer interactions with your social media content affect your sites SEO. Google’s search engine also grades your sites relevance against the number followers share your content.

4. Social Media is Made For customer Service

Top of the line customer serviCe is what most small businesses use to set themselves apart from the competition and convert customers from their larger rivals. In addition to the direct contact messaging provides, social media allows for you to address customers concerns in a public manner that demonstrates your brand’s commitment to excellence.

5. Cultivate a Loyal Community

The most effective social marketing strategy is by bringing value to your target audience. Whether it be by curating content of interest, providing direct assistance, or sharing tips and tricks, you will build a community that trusts your insight. As this community looks to your business for guidance in your field this will translate to increased sales as well.

6. Location Targeted Content

Geo-Targeting is a great way to direct content to a audience in a specific location. Several social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, have tools that enable you to direct certain content to a particular audience based on their geographical location. For instance, you can direct a specific post to all people in a country or send messages to particular groups based on demographic parameters.

7. Social Media is Everywhere

Today in America more than half the population use smartphones, greatly increasing the number of businesses optimizing their content for a mobile-friendly experience. The average American is estimated to spend almost two hours a day on social media. As daily usage continues to rise so will the benefit of marketing on social media.

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