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We have designed an effective process to design our client's Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click ad campaigns to ensure quantifiable results.

Google revolutionized digital marketing in 2000 with the release of their Adwords platform. This began the advent of advertising via search engines, allowing advertisers to target their audience based on the search terms they use. Since its release, Google has continuously updated and improved the Adwords platform to stay relevant in the ever evolving online marketing sphere, inspiring several other search engines along the way.

Search Network
Display ads alongside search results as they relate to the targeted keyword.
Pay Per Call
Target keywords with ads specifically designed invoke a phone call. Great for local business.
Behavioral Targeting
Market towards user groups based on their online activities.
Device Targeting
Target ads towards search engine users dependent on what device they are using.
Display Network
Market visual ads throughout Google's massive ad partner network.
Contextual Domaining
Target Display Network ads at specific domains or domain groups based on content.
Contextual Targeting
Target ads to be displayed based on the onscreen content of a webpage.
Google Shopping
Advertise your product in Google product search results just as you do text ads to traditional search results.

While Google accounts for the lion’s share of online searches, Bing should not be ignored in your SEM efforts. Accounting for just under 20 percent of online searches, about 3.3 billion per month, Bing is an up and coming player in the Search Engine Marketing landscape. Targeting Bing users is a great way to connect with untapped consumer bases and take advantage of keyword bids that other companies neglect. This dynamic can lend results and ROI that is more akin to Google’s early keyword bid pricing.