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Paid Social Media Ad Management

Social Media Ads are the new frontier in digital Pay Per Click(PPC) marketing. Just as Google revolutionized online marketing with the advent of Adwords, social platforms are the newest emerging market for purchased ad space. Due to the relative youth of this advertising method, Social PPC Advertising boasts a high ROI compared to competing forms of marketing making it a must for any company trying to build their brand recognition.

PPC Strategy

We work with you to understand your business and industry to expertly tailor your Social PPC Campaign. We will then develop a strategy that is designed to deliver the results you desire, whether it be to increase brand awareness, increase social engagement or drive traffic.

Keyword Research

We will ensure your ad budget is used efficiently by targeting keywords most appropriate to your product and target audience. We use a combination of inclusion and exclusion keywords to ensure we avoid targeting outside your desired market.

PPC Optimization

After initial keyword research we perpetually monitor the response of users to the type of content displayed, keyword targeting accuracy and overall campaign strategy response. This allows us to your constantly optimize your campaign results with agile adjustments and tweaks.

Content Creation

We assist and undertake the creation of original content, as well as curation of relative content, that your audience responds to and resonates with. The forms of media can range from video segments to image and text, with appropriate respect to the platform it's deployed on.


Employing a variety of strategies, such as PPC optimized landing pages, tracking pixels, or referral codes, we track where users are coming from, as well as how they respond and interact with your campaign.

Reporting & Analytics

We utilize detailed analytics to quantify the reach and success of your Social PPC Campaign. This data is compiled into periodic reports and distributed to our clients for transparency..