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Technical Pro

Website & Ecommerce Optimization

Technical Pro began their business in 1971. They make and sell durable, hi-fi products for audiophiles and sound professionals. In recent years they even launched a line of environmentally friendly products with solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

  • The Challenge Running a store with no online presence can be difficult and this was the struggle Technical Pro was facing. They began their business in 1971, with a retail electronics store based out of South Bronx. in 1990, to reach a broader customer base, they expanded from retail to wholesale. They continued to expand, and eventually moved to a larger warehouse in Brooklyn. With the expansion of their company, came the expansion of their product lines into professional recording, live sound, and portable audio. One thing that did not expand with them was their online presence. They needed a reliable ecommerce website to represent their brand.
  • The Solution Our ecommerce sites include a page for my account, my wishlist, my cart, my quote, checkout, and a log in for reoccuring customers. These pages are built for a simple, smooth transaction. In addition to this, we structured a clean and easy navigable shop section. One important feature to have was a "dealer sign up" section. Here the reoccuring customer could access their accounts.
  • The Results Online stores are slowly taking over, and because of this brick-and-mortar stores are beginning to close. Having a place for customers to purchase gear online has not only increased sales tremendously but has helped set Technical Pro apart from the rest.
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