A screenshot of Vangard's website A screenshot of a feature on Vangard's website A screenshot of a feature on Vangard's website

A look at the social platforms we’ve worked with for Vanguard including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

A screenshot of a feature on Vangard's marketing campaign
Vanguard Healthcare Staffing

Website & Marketing

Vanguard Healthcare Staffing, LLC is committed to providing superior candidates for employers and career-growth opportunities for job seekers. We provide industry-leading customer service, unparalleled strategic networking and a commitment to excellence in building high-performance organizations.

  • The Challenge As the Staffing industry has expanded and matured, the level of competition within paid media and SEO has increased exponentially. Additionally, clients of businesses like these are sometimes skeptical as to what they do, how they do it, and how beneficial they truly are. This is where we stepped in.
  • The Solution We began this campaign by building Vanguard a clean, responsive website with features such as a live job search. In the advanced search you could easily navigate through job categories and the type of job you are interested in (full-time, part-time, etc.). With this feature onsite, you could access essentially everything needed without having to site hop. Also included in the Vanguard website is a resume uploader. Again, this feature was built with the client in mind, saving them ample time. Additional custom features include an interview toolkit, a step-by-step interview process, and a constantly updated blog. The next step was to create a marketing campaign engineered specifically with Vanguard in mind. We targeted what platforms a majority of their customers were actively using. In this case, we focused heavily on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For this specific campaign, our social marketing team generates anywhere between 2-5 posts a day on these social media platforms. Posts consist of potential job openings, news regarding the company, and simple ads.
  • The Results Having a sleek and innovative website with custom features has resulted in an increase interest of clients. Activity with their social media has drastically increased as well. Staying active is vital and by posting 2-5 times a day not only assisted in spreading awareness of the business but kept clients informed of important dates, any changes, etc.
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