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Below: Social Media Campaign for DFW Wound Care Center.

Screenshots of DFW's Social Media Marketing

Our strategy increased reach by 19,425%, engagement by 1277%, and page views by 50%.

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DFW Wound Care Center


At DFW Wound Care Center, the team is dedicated to providing advanced wound services for patients and their families. They treat wounds and ensure you are able to manage any non-healing wounds and ulcers with careful attention to Dr. Mobarak’s treatment plan. It takes experience and advanced training to properly diagnose and treat these wounds, so patients seeking the best-qualified DFW-area wound care specialist have found exactly the doctor they need in Dr. Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA.

  • The Challenge DFW Wound Care Center needed help creating an online presence. They already had a well-structured site, but they were missing a key component; marketing! They were struggling to maintain engagement with patients while simultaneously creating a positive public image.
  • The Solution We began this study by identifying the proper platforms to utilize for this specific company. Our social media marketing team felt that a campaign would be most successful with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Youtube. They then generated ads and began posting right away.
  • The Results A Reach and Results Report was generated for DFW Wound Care, and we found that from January 25th to February 21st, the total number for people reached was 10,348 resulting in a 19.425% increase, the total number for post engagements was 303 resulting in a 1.277% increase, and the total number of page views was 159 resulting in a 50% increase. DFW Wound Care's web traffic increased as well. We noted 425 new users, 479 sessions, and 922 page views. Activity and engagement were at an all time high after coming to us.
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