Screenshot of Southwest Foot & Ankle Center's website

Below: Southwest Foot & Ankle Center's Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Screenshot of Southwest Foot & Ankle Center's marketing campaign

Our strategy increased reach by 56%, engagement by 214%, and page views by %70.

Screenshot of Southwest Foot & Ankle Center's marketing campaign
Southwest Foot & Ankle Center


Dr. Reza Mobarak, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA provides innovative medical care as an expert podiatrist for patients of all ages. As a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Dr. Mobarak is current with the latest medical advances for podiatry care. If you suffer from foot pain, it’s time to visit Southwest Foot and Ankle Center at one of our conveniently located podiatry clinics in Lewisville, Plano and Irving.

  • The Challenge When the Southwest Foot & Ankle Center came to us they already had an informative, responsive website, which is great. However, they did not have any type of marketing implenentation set up. A strong and engaged social media marketing presence will help you keep customers happy, and keep your public image positive.
  • The Solution After proper research, our marketing team put together a custom campaign for the Southwest Foot & Ankle Center. Platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Youtube were utilized for this specific case. Constant health related posts were uploaded along with the occasional video. Interaction is key in this industry, current and potential patients like to see that their doctors care. The Simple Social marketing team felt that Facebook was the right place to primarily focus for this campaign. Additionally, having four locations meant focusing on marketing for each individual location. For this specific study, we use the Lewisville Clinic location.
  • The Results We developed a Reach and Result Report for the Southwest Foot & Ankle Center using their Facebook account. As you can see from the graphs on shown on the left, from January to February, reach increased by 56%, post engagement increased 214%, and page views increased 70%. In nearly one month, we doubled if not tripled, these numbers for SW. Their web traffic increased drastically. In this one month span we noted 589 new users, 742 sessions, and 1,250 page views. To sum it up, activity and engagement increased creating a better online environment for both current and potential patients.
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